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Unlike surgical alternatives, our body contouring machines provide a non-invasive, no downtime and no anaesthesia treatment that offers visible results in a short time. The treatment is tailored to the client’s specific problem areas and fat type, dissolving the fat deposits to contour the body for a more defined appearance. Body contouring machines can help to reduce the appearance of the following:

Professional Body Contouring Machine

Whether it is under the arm, chin or stomach, our professional body sculpting machine can help to smooth out the skin for an even finish. As the advanced machines can be fully tailored to the client, you are able to provide treatments that specifically target problematic areas, such as cellulite. Not only this, but the time in between sessions is minimised through the natural element of the treatment, causing no harm or recovery period. Clients can visibly notice results after just one session, and the number of sessions can be tailored to the client’s goal.

After the treatment, the client can expect to see a reduction in fat, a more defined and toned body, as well as smoother and more youthful skin. The entire body can be treated in one session, as the non-invasive element of the machines means no pain nor side effects, making it more comfortable compared to its alternatives.

Why Choose the Eximia Concept System?

Having won multiple awards for our body contouring system, including the AIDA International Conference of Dermatology and Aesthetic for an innovative approach to the treatment of cellulite, our systems are highly regarded by leading clinics across the globe. Our machines are now available in over 60 countries, including Italy, Dubai and the United Kingdom, continuously growing their presence within leading clinics.

The advanced and specialist technology used in our body contouring system provides your clinic with outstanding results for cellulite removal, fat reduction and wrinkle reduction in minimal time. Using four-step processes to maximise results, exfoliating the skin, massaging the treatment area and offering a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, our machines are widely recognised for their high performance by leading professionals in the medical and aesthetic industry.

I have been using another machine for many years and have always found that it never worked as well as I would have hoped. I heard about Eximia Concept, so I decided to look into them as I needed to replace my current body contouring machine. To cover the cost I went for the finance option, which was easy to set up, and even after the first use with the machine I was amazed at how fast it worked. I could not recommend this machine enough, it has transformed my clinic, and we have many of our client’s recommending friends for the treatment.

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