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Belly Fat Reducing Machine

The stomach is a common problematic area, and many resort to fat freezing or surgical alternatives, which come with multiple side effects and potential long-term damage.

Unlike these treatments, Eximia Concept belly fat reduction machines will treat all types of fat. Treatment plans can be tailored based on the area of concern and desired outcome.

By customising the treatment, the fat can be reduced quickly and effectively while maintaining a smooth and even surface that provides long-lasting results.

For example, the Eximia HR77 machine can be used for fat reduction and body sculpting, allowing the client to tone and contour the body with immediate results.

All our belly fat reducing machines are non-invasive and activate the body’s natural emulsification in fat cells, meaning no downtime and no side effects to achieving the desired results.

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Machine

Surgical treatments and other fat reduction methods can be extremely invasive, causing potentially long-term side effects and damage. As well as requiring downtime and long recovery periods, the results aren’t visible for a considerable length of time.

Unlike these treatments, our fat reduction machines are non-invasive, providing you with multiple benefits, including the following:

  • Instant results
  • No long waits for multiple sessions
  • Tailored treatments
  • 4-in-1 equipment
  • No downtime

More Than Just Fat Reduction

Our fat reduction machines offer exceptional results that are visible instantly. There’s no period of painful recovery or the need to take time off work to heal.

Not only can you reduce fat in problematic areas, but you can also sculpt and contour the body, working with client’s natural shape to achieve the best results.

The four-step process of our Eximia HR77 machine allows you to fully tailor the treatment, defining, toning, and contouring the body. Our fat reduction machines can also be used for anti-ageing therapy by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin.

During the consultation, you will examine the body and skin before designing a bespoke treatment. Then, the multi-functioning elements of our award-winning fat removal machines will provide you with the perfect equipment to customise treatments to client requirements and bodies.

I had heard about Eximia Concept from a friend in Poland who had been using the machine for a few months and found it to be one of the best machines they have ever used and highly recommended it to me. After researching the machine, we purchased the Eximia HR77 as it had excellent reviews, and it did not disappoint. The machine is fantastic, it does everything you could want to provide fat reduction to clients. It is easy to use, and every client that has used it so far has said how incredible the results have been after the first session.

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