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Laser Machine For Stretch Mark Reduction

Eximia Concept is invested in providing machines that boost the confidence of your clients while helping you to build a name for your clinic. To achieve this, our leadership team have designed machines and products that provide instant results after the first treatment, minimising the time required for downtime and maximising your clinics potential. Unlike alternative methods, our laser machine for stretch marks is non-invasive, allowing you to treat the client over a short period for optimum results rather than over a long period where results are less dramatic.

The machines encourage the body to naturally repair, ensuring that results are natural and tailored to the client’s skin type and requirements. As well as stretch mark removal, Eximia Concept stretch mark removal machines can also be used for fat reduction, body contouring, and anti-ageing therapy thanks to the multiple phase technology.

The Benefits Of Our Stretch Mark Machine

While stretch marks can be stubborn to remove using home remedies, our stretch mark machine is ideal for providing clients with an effective alternative to surgery. There are no side effects to this treatment, and little to no discomfort can be experienced throughout the treatment sessions. Other benefits of our stretch mark machine include:

  • Visible improvement after the first session
  • Non-invasive with no recovery period
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • A natural alternative to surgery

High-Frequency Machine For Stretch Marks

The aim of our machine for stretch marks is to provide a fast and gentle approach to targeting problematic areas, removing stretch marks after just one session. Our machines include leading technology that has been used and approved by professionals in the medical and aesthetic industry for many years across the globe. You can find our machines in leading clinics across over 60 countries, including the United Kingdom. Unlike alternative machines, Eximia Concept focuses on developing high-performing technology that provides fast results while offering a non-invasive and gentle alternative.

Our machines have won many awards for the innovative design and concept of the stretch mark machine, pioneering technology for the beauty and medical industry with machines that help you to outperform competitors and offer leading services that promote your brand to clients.

I had been looking around for a machine for some time and then came across Eximia Concept after speaking with another clinic, who highly recommended their machines. I decided to go ahead and purchase one and have had multiple clients comment how much they loved the treatment. It is a great way to provide body sculpting and stretch mark removal without causing harm to the client. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase.

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