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Budget Your Purchase

When starting a new business, it’s inevitable that your outgoings will be higher than your incomings. A new venture requires financial investment, but not everyone is able to or comfortable with paying for everything upfront.

Having the option to purchase your machine through finance helps to keep costs low for your business, spreading the payment into manageable monthly amounts.

Eximia Concept’s finance partner, Clear Business Finance, will guide you through your application and find the best finance package on the market to meet your needs.

A credit check will need to be completed, and if you’re approved, Clear Business Finance will handle the purchase of your machine.

Speak with our team or contact Clear Business Finance to find out more.

The Benefits of Finance

Eximia Concept provides finance options through Clear Business Finance to help your business thrive, minimising initial costs and maximising your clinic’s treatment solutions.

When purchasing through a finance option, you can take advantage of the following benefits and more:

Spread The Cost

Protect your bottom line by avoiding hefty upfront fees. Spread your investment into monthly payments for a more affordable solution.

Customisable Payment Lengths

Whilst there is flexibility regarding the length of your repayments, the packages made available will differ from business to business. Lowering the monthly payment amount will extend your finance package.

Instantly Use Your Machine

While you may be paying through finance, you can still use your machine as soon as your finance has been set up.

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