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When investing in a contouring and anti-ageing machine, you want to feel reassured that it will provide the best possible results. The Eximia HR77 Platinum is popular due to its multiple functioning technology, offering four unique treatments that can be tailored to the client's skin and fat for optimum results. Unlike other body contouring methods and machines, the Eximia HR77 Platinum provides clients with real-time results, meaning no waiting time to achieve a more contoured figure. The four pieces included in the HR77 Platinum allows the non-invasive treatment to provide a more natural result, targeting the areas with personalised treatment plans. By diagnosing the body and skin, you can customise the HR77 Platinum for a high performance tailored to the client's goals.
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Professional Sculpting & Maximised Results

The four pieces included in the HR77 Platinum provides exceptional benefits through non-invasive treatments. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with the use of the HR77 Platinum:

Tailored Treatments

Each head provides a different treatment, allowing you to tailor the HR77 Platinum for optimum results for each and every client.

Faster Results

As the treatment is non-invasive, the client can have treatments more frequently and notice visible results after the first session.

No Downtime

Unlike other body sculpting and fat reducing methods, the HR77 Platinum requires no downtime for the client.

Multiple Uses

Body sculpting and ageing therapy treatments can be complete using the Eximia HR77 Platinum, making it a multi-purpose machine.

Tailoring The Treatment Plan

You can control the results through the use of the four different treatments that the HR77 Platinum can provide. From the advanced Microdermolift to the Endoradiomag BP, each piece offers a unique treatment to tighten the skin and tone the body.


Gently exfoliate the skin using the MICRODERMOLIFT piece, which can help to improve tone and prepare the skin ready for the next phase of the treatment to commence. This phase of the treatment activates the rejuvenation process and removes dead cells by stimulating natural skin oxygenation. Regardless of the treatment, the MICRODERMOLIFT will always be used to start the process, increasing the effectiveness of the overall treatment by 70-80%.


LPD LIGHT DIODE PORATION is an alternative to surgical liposuction that offers effective results. By selectively targeting fat deposits and cellulite, this technology can dramatically reduce problematic areas without causing side effects or downtime. Unlike other fat loss alternatives that target specific areas, potentially leaving fat deposits and creating an uneven surface, the LPD LIGHT DIODE PORATION technology activates emulsification in fat cells through a wavelength of 660nm, promoting collagen production and making the skin firmer.


Targeting problematic areas, the ENDORADIOMAD BP uses a four-stage massage that helps to remodel the body shape by strengthening the tissue as well as improving skin tone. This phase increases the production of collagen, elastin and skin oxygenation to naturally tighten the skin for a more contoured result. The massage targets the pneumatic system by using a bipolar resistive radio frequency that stimulates deep connective tissue using a lymphatic system and magnetic rollers.


Reaching even the most inaccessible areas, the RADIOPORATION piece has been designed as a probe to help active exposure of collagen and elastin to promote tightening and contouring. This piece is suitable for all skin types providing instant results without any risks or downtime, offering long-term and lasting results by stimulating the skins natural production of new collagen. The design of this piece helps to target selected areas and eliminate imperfections such as cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles.

Long-Lasting Face Treatments

The Eximia HR77 Platinum can be tailored to face and body treatments using the selection of pieces provide. By using a careful and delicate approach, and taking into consideration the characteristics of the facial skin, long-lasting results are achieved through short-term treatments. The following can be achieved using the HR77 Platinum for facial treatments:
  • Refreshes complexion
  • Rejuvenate and repair skin tissue
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Creates a lifting effect
  • Improves appearance and elasticity of skin
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Having had years of experience in developing advanced technology beauty equipment, Eximia Concept has quickly grown into a leading and widely acknowledged designer and supplier of high-quality and result-driven equipment.

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We have won multiple awards, such as the best body contouring machines from IX Congress of Anti-Ageing Machine.

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Our machines are used and approved by leading professionals in the beauty industry for their maximised results.

World Wide Recognition

The Eximia HR77 Platinum is now available in over 60 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom.

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