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From body sculpting to cellulite reduction, our machines can accomplish optimum results through non-invasive treatments.

Body Contouring & Anti-Ageing Machines

One machine, a host of treatments! The four-stage process enables this machine to be used for body sculpting, anti-ageing therapies and more.

Utilise Advanced Technology

Advance Your Clinic

Through innovative technology and multi-use machines, your clinic can provide clients with exceptional results for a range of treatments. The four-in-one machines help you to increase your opportunities while offering a fast, effective and instant solution.

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Completely transformed my clinic! My clients love how amazing their results are, and can noticeably see a difference in tone and appearance. Highly recommend taking a look at their machines!

I was looking for a new machine to use, and a friend of mine recommended talking to Eximia. I contacted them, and they gave me all of the information I needed, so I decided to go ahead and purchase their Eximia HR77. It was really easy to get used to the machines, and it was really exciting to see the transformation on our clients almost immediately.

The Eximia machine has completely changed my clinic. I am able to do so many more treatments for my clients, and they love the results. The machines are very straightforward to use, and didn’t take us long to perfect. The customer service is great, and the machine is well worth the investment!

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Find out more about our Eximia Concept and how to achieve excellent results for every treatment.

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