The Consultation

The client felt self-conscious about the cellulite on her legs, which is a surprisingly common concern for many women. Cellulite causes dimples that most commonly appear on the thighs and, in some cases, the lower leg. This is caused by the increase in fat cells that push against the skin, which can create an uneven appearance but is not necessarily something to be concerned about.

To begin the treatments, a consultation is first booked to establish what attachments and number of sessions will be required to achieve optimum results. This consultation is a great way to introduce your clients to the HR77 machine and the abundance of benefits that come alongside these innovative machines, such as the non-invasive treatment, no side effects and fast results.

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Brining Back Confidence

What Was Achieved

Six sessions were booked to focus on the upper thigh area, alternating attachments for the best possible results. The final two sessions were focused on cellulite, increasing the intensity throughout the sessions to reduce the dimples. The results are outstanding and a true representation of what our cellulite machine can achieve.

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I have felt extremely self-conscious about my cellulite for a very long time, and even after dieting, it was still visible. I had enough and decided to have cellulite treatment on my thighs and could not be happier with the results. The machine did a wonderful job, and I liked that I could pop to the clinic after work and return back to work the next day, which made it was very convenient for my lifestyle.