The Consultation

Consultations are essential before starting any treatment to establish client requirements, what settings and attachments to use, and how many sessions will be needed to achieve their desired results.

As our Eximia HR77 is non-invasive, it allows you to book sessions weekly for faster results.

Here, our client wanted to reduce fat around the stomach that, despite dieting, would not budge. The consultant could tell that the sagging skin was mainly caused by baby fat, which is common for women that have had children. A treatment plan was arranged for the client to attend 6 sessions, 3 of which have already been completed.

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Exceptional Results

What Was Achieved

First, an abrasive setting was used to remove dead skin cells around the area being treated to ensure optimum results. Then, a range of settings were used to start reducing the fat around the stomach. After the first three sessions, the client has lost about 2 inches around her stomach, and we look forward to seeing the results after all sessions have been completed.

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I have had other treatments with Bianco Beauty, so I discussed the treatment with them and was very impressed with how much the machine could do. I liked that the treatment was completely bespoke, and it worked really well. I can already see a difference, and I am so excited to have my last few sessions.